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Employment support

In Kyoto, support is provided to job-seeking international students. There are also many internship opportunities to take advantage of particularly for international students.

For international students thinking about employment in KyotoInternational student employment information portal site 「Beyond Study Kyoto

In Kyoto, not only schools but government institutions (Kyoto prefecture, Kyoto city), economic organizations, and
private enterprises support international students concerning employment at “ALL KYOYO”. At this site, international
students considering employment can find information concerning the latest employment support services and event
information. All services and events listed on these pages are offered free of charge. Please take a look.

●Main publication examples

  • □Event information concerning employment
    • ・Joint corporate briefing sessions and interviews
    • ・Training and study sessions for job hunting
      (employment guidance, how to prepare for an interview, how to write an entry sheet, business Japanese, etc.)
    • ・Exchange meetings with OB, OG international students, and companies
    • ・Company tours (offices, factories etc.)
    • ・Internships at Japanese companies
  • □List of consultation desks for employment
  • □Interviews etc. from OB, OG international students,
 Kyoto Study Program

Employment Support CommunityKyoTomorrowAcademy

KyoTomorrowAcademy=KTA is a community for international students who are studying in Kyoto.
In this community,
there will be lots of opportunities to improve Japanese skills and also to get to know about Japanese companies
through many interactive activities!

●Our programs

  • ・Cultural events (tea ceremony, Japanese sweets making)
  • ・Business Japanese class
  • ・Company tours
  • ・Career Seminar, and Career Fair ….etc

Participants can join these activities for free!

Study Kyoto’sPaid Internship Program for
International Students

The International Student Study Kyoto network offers opportunities for students to experience real, paid work
experience at Kyoto companies, and is continually working to support students’ understanding of Japanese work life,
as well as their search for employment and other activities in Japan. Our Paid Internship Program allows
international students to work at an actual company (for approx. 80 hours total) while receiving a salary. It’s a
system that allows students’ real-world experience without the financial worries.

Kyoto prefecture “Kyoto Job Park”

It provides a service where, in order to promote the activities of human resources from overseas in the prefecture,
specialist counselors provide counseling, carefully addressing the concerns and questions international students have
regarding finding employment.

●Examples of the service

  • □ Concerns and questions international students have regarding finding employment
    (Resume writing, correction of entry sheets, interview coaching, etc.)
  • □ Concerns and questions regarding finding employment, mental care
  • □ After counseling, each and every student is provided with suitable careers advice, employment placement and
    employment referrals
  • □ Consultation regarding the changing of status of residence after finding work

●Business hours

  • □ Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00
  • □ Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00
  • □ Closed on Sundays, holidays and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3)

●How to use

Advance registration is required, so first pay a visit to Kyoto Job Park’s general reception.

●For inquiries

Kyoto Job Park International Students Corner
70, Higashikujo Shimotonodacho, Minami-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 601-8047, Japan
KYOTO TERRSA West Building 3F
Phone: 075-682-8915
»Kyoto Job Park(Japanese Only)

Kyoto City Student’s job hunting support matching site “Hataraku”

In Kyoto City, there is a matching sight to support job hunting international students. On the home page we introduce
companies looking for new employees, introduce job hunting seminars, and introduce international students that
actually started work in Kyoto.

●Examples of the service

  • □ Job hunting consultation to coordinator (free)


  • □ Job hunting seminar for international students, exchange meeting

International Human Resource Round Table (Japanese only)

Organized jointly by Kyoto Prefectural International Center and Kyoto Job Park, this is a forum where
international students who wish to find employment in Japan can learn about Japanese companies and exchange
information with Japanese companies. Discussions and exchanges are held in Japanese only.

»International Human
Resource Round Table (Japanese Only)

Global Kyoto Project

An employment and careers support project for international students and bilingual Japanese students
run by Kyoto City International Foundation and JK Branding Inc.
It provides employment and career support for international students enrolled at universities in Kyoto, running events
such as the “Career Guidance and Job Fair for International Students” aimed at matching for hiring of global resources
by companies.

»Global Kyoto Project


The following companies and NPO are also providing employment support international students.

»JK Branding Inc.
»NPO International Community Club
»NPO Capsay(Japanese only)
»NPO Glocal Human Resources Development Center
»WORKS JAPAN(Japanese only)