Kyoto Styudy

Alumni Interviews

Here are some interviews with alumni who have actually studied in Kyoto and
gone on to find employment in here. Why not put their experiences to your own use?

  • Company name:SG Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Occupations:Finance Department
  • From:Republic of Korea
  • School:Doshisha University
  • Major:The Institute for the Liberal Arts
  • Name:Mr. Jacob Eveson
  • Company name:Nidec Corporation
  • Occupations:Public Relations
  • From:Sweden
  • School:Ritsumeikan University
  • Major:Japanese
  • Name:Mr. Sai
  • Company name: TAIHEI Printing Co., Ltd
  • Occupations:Designer
  • From:China
  • School:Kyoto City University of Arts
  • Major:Visual Design