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Employment for International Students

The number of students wishing to find employment in Japan after graduation is on the rise.
In Kyoto, high-tech companies famous throughout the world such as Kyocera, Nintendo, Omron, Rohm, Shimadzu Corporation, Wacoal and Nichicon, have been increasing their intake of international students every year.
In addition, many international students have found work in the travel industry of Kyoto.


En-masse recruitment is common in Japan. The timing of this selection is from June. The official timing for provisional job offers is October; however, this only applies to Keidanren-affiliated companies and their subsidiaries, and there are also exceptions among these affiliated companies, so it is necessary to confirm on an individual basis.


How to go about job hunting

When job hunting, it is essential to collect information. The following five methods are common in Japan.

Using your school’s careers department

Every school has a careers department. You can drop by there if you have any questions about employment or if you wish to look something up.

Taking advantage of employment information magazines

The Government and various organizations publish a large amount of information regarding employment for international students, so make good use of it when starting you job hunting.

Using service centers

In Kyoto, there are services that support the job-hunting activities of international students.
By all means take advantage of them.

Using the Internet

There is a lot of information on companies and seminars posted on the Internet.

In most cases you can also apply to attend briefings, etc., online.

»List of employment related websites

Participation in the Joint Briefings and Seminars

You can come into contact with many companies, so you should actively participate in such events.

Procedure for change of status of residence

Foreign nationals living in Japan have been granted one of a total of 27 categories of status of residence, and can only engage in activities within the scope permitted by the particular status of residence.
You will need to go through certain procedures is you secure a job in Japan, or if you are going to remain in Japan after graduation to find a job.

●If you secure a job prior to graduation

When international students are to work in Japan, they need to change their status of residence from “College Student” to a status of residence that permits them to work, such as “Specialist in Humanities/ International Services” or “Engineer”.

●If you do not secure a job prior to graduation

If you have not secured a job prior to graduation, by going through the procedure to change your status of residence from “College Student” to “Designated Activities”, you will be able to continue job hunting in Japan for a period of one year after your graduate. (This status of residence is for 6 months, and as it can only be extended once, it is for a maximum of one year.)

●Application procedure

The procedure for changing your status of residence from “College Student” to one that allows you to work generally requires you to go down to the bureau below in person.
»Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau Kyoto Branch

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